Croupier Test app is a learn-and-play tool for croupiers, croupier trainees and anybody interested in live casino. The app consists of Roulette - and Blackjack-based tests for croupiers wishing to practise their skills and others wanting to have a better understanding of the casino operations. The app reflects the situations, which croupiers face in live casinos on daily basis. Different levels make it more interesting even for experienced croupiers. Some games ('Find series', 'Practise racetrack' and 'Inverse racetrack') give you an option of choosing from four different racetracks: two kinds of European Racetracks, UK Racetrack and Old UK Racetrack. The app gives you an option to sign up to Game Center, where you can compete with others and compare your results.cover the taste of our oranges and fresh juice made from the finest varieties of sweet oranges.